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Monetary Atonements and Voluntary Charities
10.11.2016 19:25

The Holy Quran has prescribed Monetary atonements for certain faults and sins. They are given for specific sins like unintentional murder, putting away wife by Zihar, failure to keep fasts of Ramadhan, intentional oaths and so on. Those who does some sins, omissions intentionally or unintentionally and offences have been directed and instructed by the Holy Quran to make arranged charity in compensation of these sins. These appointed monetary atonements are also a medium of flow of wealth from the rich people to the poor people.


If Zakat and other compulsory contributions fail to fulfil the needs of the poor and needy, the state can either enforce taxes or inspire the rich to contribute voluntarily and kindly to help eliminate poverty and economic crisis. Voluntary charities to get the pleasure of Allah Almighty are bestowed in present world as well as in the next world. They also support in flow of wealth from the rich of the society to the needy and the poor. Consequently, the reason of distributive and social justice is achieved through this voluntary charity. Islam does not recommend any boundary for charity. Hence, a believer is stimulated to spend all of his wealth in the way of Allah Almighty which is over and above his wants. Feeding the poor is one of the voluntary donations and is a very common activity among the God-fearing and generous Muslims.


Rewards for this deed are very many and both the Holy Quran and the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) of Islam urge the believers to feed the needy and the poor. This practice is also a good step to alleviate poverty and unhappiness from the Islamic society. Moreover, who are facing any sort of difficulties in performance of religious obligations particularly in hajj, one must help them in arranging best Islamic Pilgrimage Services. Such kind of help in religious duties is also form of voluntary charity.


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